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Information and resources for teachers, parents who need emergency child care, people with depression or anxiety, and more.

Teacher Toolkit

The Utah Newborn Safe Haven Teacher Toolkit (PDF or PowerPoint) provides information for teachers about the Toolkit and its contents.
The Safe Haven Student PowerPoint is provided for classroom use with students (PDF or PowerPoint).
The Safe Haven Student Videos are provided for classroom use (English, .wmv format or Spanish, .wmv format).

Emergency Responders Education

Hospitals are encouraged to train staff using the Education Template for Utah Hospitals presentation (PDF or PowerPoint).
Emergency Medical Services trainers are encouraged to use the EMS Training Module (PDF).
Please contact us for additional outreach materials at utahnewbornsafehaven@gmail.com

Emergency Child Care

Crisis/emergency or temporary child care is available 24/7 at local family support centers across the state.
Emergency child care allows families to take a break, go to medical appointments, etc., and may be available for up to 72 hours.
For details, and to find a family support center near you: Utah Association of Family Support Centers.
Additional emergency child care assistance (funding varies): Child Care Resource and Referral.

Maternal Depression

It is not uncommon for women who are or have been pregnant to experience depression. Contact any of the following reliable sources if you are feeling down or depressed:

Information about women and depression.